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About me:  I'm a classically trained composer (BMus Melb) who writes and performs rock/pop/instrumental music.  I play electric/classical guitar and sing in addition to composing arranging etc.  I'm strongly  influenced by classical and folk music but I also love late '60s - 70's pop/ hard rock/ progressive. My thing is to combine these different genres into a meaningful and engaging music that pushes peoples' idea of what's possible in the pop/rock scene.

About us:   So far the band consists of drums, bass and I  (guitar/voice). We're in rehearse regularly and are making great progress with the material. To realise the full potential of this music, we're need a second guitarist and  a keyboard/sampler player for the traditional instruments (woodwinds, brass, piano/organ etc.) Any backing vocal ability would be awesome! 

We're after trained musicians who preferably can read (tab at the least). This is because we don't jam to create.

I'm a composer, I write, I hand out parts, and we rehearse. This is to save everyone's time (including mine). I also write a lot of music quickly and scores provide the fastest way to work up new material. It is also necessary to create the level of cohesiveness in this music. That said, I value creativity of others and none of the parts are set in stone.  I'm also interested in collaborating with band members on their material.

2nd GUITARIST: The parts range from saturated riffs to fingerstyle to rhythm so you're going to need to be versatile. Most of the songs use two guitars, when only one is needed the 2nd guitarist will play and I can concentrate on singing. I'm a guitarist myself and make sure that all the guitar lines are interesting and fun to play. Also the guitar lines are interchangable, so we can figure out who plays which line for each of the songs.

KEYS: A lot of the 'bigger' songs use classical instrumentation. I also include, harpsichord, organ and glockenspiel. We're looking for someone that's happy to provide these sounds. At this stage the songs feature traditional instuments, but with the addition of keys/samples those parts will be augmented.

PLEASE  listen to some of the samples of my music on this page. What you will be hearing are MIDI realisations of tunes I have notated in Sibelius.  Some of the tunes aren't completely finished. The vocal line is represented by a flute. Here is 7 tunes that represent some of what I've been doing over the last few years. I've written about 28 or so just for the current project and more of these will be posted soon. The songs below are just some of the actual pieces that you'll be performing, if you're interested. Thanks for visiting!!!!

CONTACT:     Mb. 0401 819 532    S/E Suburbs VIC  3166|children|64 by side rr.mp3|side by side rr riff rr.mp3|celtic riff rr sans orc.mp3|untytled sans orc|rain|tune|phase r.mp3|cliffs r

All songs and material published here is Copyright of Matthew Gough © 2011. Thanks a

CONTACT:       Mb. 0401 819 532    S/E Suburbs VIC  3166